List of authorized websites/companies Payoneer to get paid through global payment service

Here is a list of companies that can send you money using the bank details from the global payment tab of a Payoneer account on their website.  The companies don’t require the additional procedure of due diligence from the money sender.  I have only listed companies that aren’t a scam and that really send money. The goal of this list is to help people to make money online.

  • 123RFlimited (image database)
  • 99Designs (image database)
  • AirHelp
  • Airbnb (landlords)
  • Amazon UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain (Affiliate program)
  • Dreamstime (image database)
  • Envato market (themeforest, codecanyon)
  • Fiverr (small jobs)
  • Guru (freelance jobs))
  • Istock (image database)
  • Taboola (ad network)
  • Upwork (freelance jobs)

If you know other companies that are pre-authorized by Payoneer global payment service please write a comment.

Why is it worth to buy a paid internet forum software?

We have extensively tested phpbb, myBB and SMF. We faced many issues that are not

Some default themes of free forum platforms are not responsive:

We found that the myBB and SMF default themes were no responsive so that it was even not an option to start with a default theme of myBB or SMF.

Many broken themes of free internet forum softwares:

We bought myBB and SMF themes. We faced many issues with free and paid themes. Sometimes some links of buttons (login, search) were missing. Sometimes, the responsive theme looked messy. Sometimes, the toolbar of post editing was missing.

Bad themes of free forum platforms for SEO and readability:

We saw that plenty of themes from free internet forum softwares that were not designed with SEO and readability in mind. For instance, there are plenty of SMF themes and phpBB themes with a header that is around 300px. It is just too much. On the other hand, when you look at Vbulletin, Xenforo, woltlab forums you can see that valuable information is displayed right from the top.

Upgrades from free forum softwares are dangerous:

Due to how the theme’s files are integrated into the internet forum softwares and since plugins are necessary to get important features, updates can break phpBB, myBB, SMF installations. Themes and plugins may not be compatible after an upgrade. We witnessed this issue with myBB themes. We also witnessed this issue with phpBB and myBB plugins.

Missing features and mandatory plugin installations:

We found no free internet softwares with SEO friendly URLs. This always required the installation of a plugin to get the title of a thread as keywords in the URL.  Additionally, many plugins aren’t maintained by developers. It means many of phpBB, myBB, SMF plugins don’t work.

Paid forum softwares are ready out of the box:

I have found that Xenforo, Woltlab, and Vbulletin were ready to be used out of the box without looking for a responsive reliable theme, modifying CSS, adding plugins, changing colors. This tremendously speed up your forum installation project.

Think about the future migration

I have noticed that many internet forum webmasters moved their forums to XenForo. There is an import module in XenForo. However, URL redirection needs to be in place and it looks like it is still complicated today.

Free internet forum softwares vs paid forum softwares

The free forum platforms like phpbb, mybb, smf aren’t as reliable as Xenforo, Vbulletin among others.

Free forum softwares and the many theme issues

I have downloaded SMF, MyBB and phpBB. For sure, the default themes don’t look appealing. So, I have decided to look for themes. First of all, I have discovered that many themes were not compatible with my version of SMF and myBB. Then, I have discovered that many themes were incomplete. I have witnessed issues with phpBB, myBB and SMF themes such as links that didn’t work, text fields that opened partially, toolbars of edit page that didn’t show.

I have bought a theme called flatOne for myBB and I discovered that the login link and the search link didn’t work. However, it was a premium theme and I paid $30 for it. Then, I have discovered it was very difficult to modify a theme in myBB. I wanted to buy a theme to use it on several websites. I have bought several premium themes for myBB and none of theme suited my needs.

VIenna myBB paid theme: Broken link behind avatar, missing toolbar, text field is half of the screen.

On the other hand, the themes of Vbulletin and Xenforo look professional and they are reliable out of the box. Nothing is broken.

On one forum, I have discovered that theme authors didn’t use to maintain their themes. I have found a thread of someone complaining that a  theme footer was broken since several years!

At the end, the amount of money that I have to spend in buying premium themes for free internet

Free themes from free forum softwares aren’t responsive

I have found that the default themes of myBB and SMF were not responsive. Then, I have discovered that many free themes that were advertised as being “responsive” were barely responsive as they looked messy when I visited the forum from a mobile phone. Items were not aligned. Titles were not at the right location. By the way, if you test a forum, don’t use a mobile phone simulation, use a smartphone to see how it looks like.

By the way, if you test a forum, don’t use a mobile phone simulation, use a smartphone to see how it looks like.

On the other hand, all the paid internet forum softwares are perfectly displayed on mobile phones and tablets.

Free Internet forum softwares and SEO:

On the developers’ forums from SMF, myBB and phpBB no one is interested in implementing friendly URLs into their internet forum software. So, they want to keep URLs looking like:  /viewforum.php?f=2&sid=6793ae5b47125325d08772c73d628200 which is a URL from phpBB 3.21

If you want a friendly URL for your free internet forum you have to download a plugin.

On the other hand, friendly URLs are default features of Xenforo, Vbulletin, and other paid internet forums.


If you can afford it, It is advised to buy a serious forum platform like Xenforo, Vbulletin because you will save time building up your forum and its template. Also, you will get a reliable solution and you will not need to install any plugins.

If you opt for free internet forum platforms, I would suggest sticking to the default theme and develop your own theme if your community gets bigger.

How do I check that my site is penalized by Google?

Most of the time, when a domain is penalized by Google, it disappears from the google search engine. If you type “” and if you see no result in google search engine, it means your website is banned from Google. You should see something similar to the following screenshot.

However, I have also noticed stealthier bans where the website was still indexed by Google and when the traffic tremendously dropped. Then, you need to investigate a bit further.


In google webmaster tools, if you see a drop in impressions in the course of 3 days to 1 month and if your website is not seasonal it means something goes wrong. Your domain is likely penalized by Google.

On the other hand, a sharp drop in impressions may mean that there is a technical problem with your website and you should check the reachability of your pages.

Here is an example below of a domain penalized by Google in Google search console.


Disadvantages and Advantages of using CloudFlare


CloudFlare benefits from a good reputation. However, we noticed major issues related to using CloudFlare.

  • Security:  CloudFlare is a middleman between your server and your visitors. Sensitive data also go through the CloudFlare server when they are delivered to a client. CloudFlare has the ability to monitor all your traffic.
  • Power: Cloudflare can inject code into your HTTP headers and your web pages and it can have any consequences.
  • Slow: For some reasons, we have noticed that CloudFlare can slow down the page load rather than speeding it up. It is normal as a step (a hop) is added between your server and a client.
  • Misconfiguration: Since additional settings should be made on the CloudFlare website, a misconfiguration can lead to downtimes and traffic drops. Here a case study of a Google traffic drop related to Cloudflare.
  • Dependency: By choosing to point your nameservers to another server that you don’t control, it means you accept to hand over a part of your website reachability to CloudFlare. If the CloudFlare server goes down, your website gets inaccessible even if your web server works fine. In other words, you had a point of failure by using CloudFlare.


  • DDOS attacks: Cloudflare mitigates DDOS attacks.
  • Firewall: Cloudflare helps to reduce useless incoming traffic. Here is the list of opened ports when using CloudFlare. For HTTP: 80, 8080, 8880, 2052, 2082, 2086, 2095.  For HTTPS: 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096, 8443. You can also whitelist or blacklist IP addresses. There is also an interesting option called “challenge IP” which prompts for a captcha when requests come from an IP address.
  • HTTPS, HTTP/2: Cloudflare provides free HTTPS, HTTP/2 and SPDY certificates for your domain.
  • HSTS: Cloudflare provides free HTTP Strict Transport Security for your website.
  • IPV6 reachability:  Cloudflare allows your website to be accessed through an IPV6 address even if your server has an IPV4 address.
  • Minify: It can minify CSS, Javascript, and HTML
  • Rate limiting:  Cloudflare can protect your API by limiting the number of requests for a given time using a rule. It is a paid option and it is very easy to setup from the Cloudflare configuration page.
  • Jurisdiction: CloudFlare is located in the USA. Consequently, this makes believe that your website is located in the USA. Your website is likely to benefit from the US jurisdiction.
  • Freedom of speech: By hiding the IP of the server, you can express yourself since you can rely on the 1st amendment of the United States of America which allows a website to express almost all opinions without being prosecuted.

Best paid news & magazine wordpress themes

Online news and magazine require

The Boal WordPress theme

The Boal magazine theme Boal comes with the ability to play embedded videos on the homepage. So, you can have one category with videos that can be launched from the homepage.  You can display the most popular posts, the latest news and posts by categories on the homepage.  All the items on the homepage are widgets developed by the theme creator Nano agency. The sidebar can freeze if you want to show sticky floating widgets from the sidebar while the visitor is scrolling the page.

Prevent being rejected during Adsense application for insufficient content

Head section

First of all, you should be careful when you paste the first google Adsense code provided by google adsense. You should paste this code to between the <head></head> of your website.

Multilingual websites problem

Then, if you have a multilingual website, paste the google Adsense code to pages in the same language. Don’t paste the google Adsense code to other pages in different languages.

Look at the pages that could be a problem.

For instance, you have pages with texts that make no sense for a newbie. It is better to remove the google adsense code from these pages.

Rotating advertisements and Google penalty – OIOpublisher case

I am convinced that rotating advertisements can generate a Google penalty.

I have installed on a wordpress website OIOpublisher which allows to have rotating advertisements. I have added a leaderboard at the top of the website. I added 2 ads. One was a link with an “img src” and a nofollow and the second one was an iframe. the OIOpublisher plugin loaded the two ads intermittently. Consequently, when I went to google search console and clicked on “fetch as google”, there were 2 different views on the rendering page. The googlebot window showed one advertisement. The visitor window shows the second advertisement. However, in the google webmaster guidelines, it is forbidden to serve a different content to Googlebot and visitors.  For example, it is forbidden to show a text to visitors and hide it from Googlebot. By the past, one of my websites has been penalized for serving a different content to Googlebot.

However, in the google webmaster guidelines, it is forbidden to serve a different content to Googlebot and visitors.  For example, it is forbidden to show a text to visitors and hide it from Googlebot. By the past, one of my websites has been penalized for serving a different content to Googlebot.

However, in the google webmaster guidelines, it is forbidden to serve a different content to Googlebot and visitors.  For example, it is forbidden to show a text to visitors and hide it from Googlebot. By the past, one of my websites has been penalized for serving a different content to Googlebot.

Then, few weeks after installing OIOpublisher on my website, a massive drop of traffic occurred. Of course, I could have used the OIOpublisher plugin and display only one advertisement.

I haven’t done anything else special. So, I think the rotating advertisements were responsible for the google traffic drop.

Don’t trust the domain redirections provided by your registrar

It sounds cost effective to use the domain forwarder of registrar to redirect to another domain rather than using your server. In practice, I have found that the domain forwarders from many domain registrars were never as good as htaccess directives or nginx directives.

They may block googlebot:

Depending on the user-agent they may block useful bots like googlebot. You may not aware of it and you will have not options to check it since google webmaster console does not accept DNS records as verification of property.

They may block IP addresses from bots:

Once again, they can block IP addresses from bots without you knowing it. As I said before, Google webmaster console does not allow website owners to confirm their ownership using DNS records. Consequently, when a domain is parked in the server of the registrar with a redirection in place, there is no way to check if googlebot can crawl the old domain.

The service may not be as reliable as you think:

The redirection may be down from time to time without you to be aware of it. It is a free service so there is no pressure to make this service reliable for the registrar.

Directive files are more reliable:

It is the most likely scenario. htaccess or nginx directives are more reliable and leave less room for errors than domain redirections from registrars.

My story:

I have checked the http headers response and the html response of domain redirections from registrar. I have discovered that some of them were not in compliance with RFC 2616. Some added unecessary url in the html of 301 response that pointed to another website that wasn’t mine. In the http headers there were my target url, but in the html, another target url was displayed. I have also noticed that sometimes, a www redirection didn’t work while the non-www worked because I forgot to add a line in the redirection tab from the registrar. All of that led me thinking that I took a risk for nothing as it didn’t cost anything to add the redirection to my server.

Advice for your domain redirection:

Since your domain was hosted by a webhosting company and if it had some ranking it means you had no issue hosting this domain on this server. Consequently, it would be logical to host the redirection from this old domain to a new domain on this webhosting account.

DIVI page builder VS Elementor

No external widgets  in DIVI page builder:

You can’t install a widget plugin and import it to a webpage using the DIVI page builder. On the other hand, you can’t install a widget plugin and install it on a page using elementor.

DIVI 3.0 is fast

I have found that DIVI 3.0 was faster than elementor. When I saved my work, it is always faster with DIVI than with elementor. I think that DIVI is one of the fastest wordpress page builder on the market.

DIVI 3.0 is stable

One Elementor has been unable to load on a website and it appeared it was because of I have never faced any problems with DIVI 3.0

Elementor is easier to install

A free version of Elementor can be installed from the wordpress plugin repository. On the other hand, the DIVI 3.0 page builder is only accessible from