Review of DIVI 3.0

DIVI 3.0 is a wordpress theme that includes a very powerful page builder. DIVI 3.0 is compatible with woocommerce.

Modules of DIVI 3.0:

Accordion, audio, bar counters, blog, call to action, Circle counter, code, comments, contact form, countdown timer, email optinportfolio, gallery (lightboxes), image, login, map, post navigation, post slider, pricing tables, sidebar, slider, social media follow, testimonial, text, toggle, video, video slider.

I have highlighted the useful modules of DIVI 3.0 that prevent you to install additional plugins.

Predefined layouts of DIVI 3.0:

It is really one of the strength of DIVI 3.0. DIVI 3.0 comes with a series of predefined layouts to save you time creating web pages. They aren’t gadgets and can tremendously speed up the web design process. For example, the “product features” predefined layout comes with several section that can be modified in a wysiwyg environment.

DIVI 3.0 is not for web developers

I have tried to change the blog mode of DIVI using CSS and the way the theme has been coded makes it almost impossible to change using CSS. Meanwhile, it is easy to build up a website the “DIVI way”. It means that you must use the DIVI settings and the DIVI page builder. DIVI 3.0 is great for those who don’t know CSS and PHP.

Focus on the DIVI page builder to create a website

The DIVI page builder has as many features as elementors. I still don’t understand why DIVI 3.0 was not marketed as a page builder rather than a wordpress theme. Changes are updated straight ahead when changes are made on the page. The DIVI page builder has the same look and feel than Elementor and Visual composer. Take a look at my DIVI 3.0 demo to see whether DIVI would be a good fit for your project.

The limits

The limits of DIVI are related to the modules of the DIVI page builder. I strongly recommend not to try to use CSS or PHP in the DIVI 3.0 theme as it would be have bad consequences on the whole website. I have tried it and I had problems after changing the CSS of the blog page using the CSS editor of the “theme customization” option. In fact, I have been unable to get a satisfying result using the CSS. It was due to the way the CSS is coded. Also, the widgets of the sidebar are limited to the wordpress widgets.

DIVI 3.0 is good for which types of website?

I think DIVI can be useful for small and medium company websites because it gives the ability to create good looking full width web pages to present teams, products, portfolios, locations, contact forms quickly thanks to the predefined layouts and the modules of DIVI 3.0.

My DIVI 3.0 demo

I have installed a DIVI 3.0 demo in a subdirectory of my website. I have created pages and posts using the predefined layouts of DIVI 3.0. No widget plugins have been installed. Apart from security no other plugins have been installed. The idea was to show how DIVI 3.0 layouts looked like out of the box.