How to know when it is time to create a new youtube channel?

Here is a methodology to know when you should create a new youtube channel:

  • Think about your potential viewers. Draw the profile of your potential viewer. On the internet people watch what they like. You have bring the content people like to those people. For instance, if their are vegans it is easy to define what they like and what they don’t like. It is easy to determine what they want to see and what they don’t want to see.
  • Choose a subject that is wide enough to create many videos. On a paper, write subjects and the titles of the videos that could be uploaded for every subject. If there is no enough potential videos for one subject, it means the subject is not wide enough.
  • Create a youtube channel in a new language.┬áMany Youtubers make the mistake to upload different videos with the same language. They forget that their viewers are not polyglots.

What people advise you may not be good for you:

I know that lots of youtubers encourage to keep online one channel to keep the biggest number of subscribers. However, the youtubers with this opinion are the ones who have an eponym youtube channel meaning that the subject of their channel is a person. When the subject is a person, you can talk about everything. Nevertheless it is an exception.

For instance, Casey Neistat can talk about everything on his youtube channel. One day he can review a camera, the day after he can review a boosted board and the three videos following those 2 videos can be dedicated to a trip in France. On the other hand, that’s not what other youtubers can do.

Let’s imagine you have a youtube channel about vegan recipes. You can’t dedicate one video to fishing or hunting on your channel. That does not make sense.

Think about the subscribers:

In fact, you should always think about the reaction of your subscribers when they will receive a notification about your new video. The new video should not be a disappointment. If someone creates a youtube channel about one programming language, let’s say javascript for instance, subscribers expect you to upload videos about Javascript. Then, you can create another Youtube channel for another programming language and advertise this channel on your first channel dedicated to Javascript.


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