How do I check that my site is penalized by Google?

Most of the time, when a domain is penalized by Google, it disappears from the google search engine. If you type “” and if you see no result in google search engine, it means your website is banned from Google. You should see something similar to the following screenshot.

However, I have also noticed stealthier bans where the website was still indexed by Google and when the traffic tremendously dropped. Then, you need to investigate a bit further.


In google webmaster tools, if you see a drop in impressions in the course of 3 days to 1 month and if your website is not seasonal it means something goes wrong. Your domain is likely penalized by Google.

On the other hand, a sharp drop in impressions may mean that there is a technical problem with your website and you should check the reachability of your pages.

Here is an example below of a domain penalized by Google in Google search console.