How wordpress plugins can get your website penalized by google

WordPress plugins have the ability to change everything on your pages. A plugin can inject CSS, Javascript and PHP code into your website pages. A plugin can modify the HTTP headers of your website. It can add, modify and remove HTTP headers fields. It can also modify your HTaccess file, your Wp-config file, your robots.txt.

In other words, WordPress plugins are almighty. Consequently, any WordPress plugins can get your website penalized. They can hide content from Googlebot without you being aware of it. For instance, GoogleBot may not be able to see images and text because of a plugin.

They can add hidden links on your web pages. The links can be in a form, at the bottom of your web pages.

They can block access to some of your webpages thanks to googlebot or by adding a robot meta tag to your webpages, a directive to your robots.txt or even a X-Robots-Tag to http headers. Check this page from google about it.

This could lead to a traffic drop from google and it would be difficult to understand the cause because the root cause can be hidden in CSS, Javascript or HTTP headers.

Meanwhile, never forget that Googlebot now reads HTTP headers, CSS, Javascript and HTML.

Also, they may slow down the page load of some pages without you being aware of it.