Why I deactivated my comment section on inadoo.com

You may know that a 2013 study concluded that comments influenced the reader’s understanding of an article. Lastly, I have read comments from many comment sections of different websites and I have found that the information quality in those comments was most of the time very poor.

Adding comments on a post is like putting your text and comments of random people on an equal footing.


Whatever the subject, there are trolls who write text that has no value for a subject. On one hand, the authors perform research to write high quality articles. In this case, it can hurt the reputation and the website quality. I have found that “trolling” is THE major issue of comment sections today. There are comments that are full of allegations, prejudices, stereotypes.

Undercover advertisements

Undercover marketers advertise their products by posting fake comments about a product or a service. By doing so, they influence the readers and the author of the blog. However, they can mislead the readers by telling big lies about a product. Even if an article talks about the weaknesses of a product, the comments can persuade people to buy it even if it would be a major mistake.

My opinion

In this context, moderating useless comments are a waste of time. It is a new form of spam. It has no value and it is useless for your website. Some people say that comments are good for SEO. I have no proof that a long text will bring more traffic. People don’t understand that on a page you put on the same level high quality text and poor quality text. However, when you write an article, you can add quality text whenever you want to get more words.

Forums are better than comments section even if it required moderation.