Why I don’t use services like lastpass, Enpass, Dashlane for storing my passwords

First of all, I felt very enthousiast when I discovered those services. I extensively used lastpass on every browsers on my mac and PC. Then, once I had a red banner from lastpass as it didn’t successfully connected to its server.


Then, at some point, I understood there could be a big danger, because I understood that a hacker could steal all my passwords in one-go if he had access to my Lastpass account. So, I started to trust it less. Do you imagine just for one moment, what would happen if a lastpass server was hacked? It would be a proper disaster because we don’t talk about alleged sweet hacking from twitter accounts but access to all your websites where you have an account. It is huge.

A page load problem:

Then, I discovered that the extension slowed down the page load in chrome. So, at that point, I told myself. Ok, now it is over.

If lastpass slows down the page load just by 1 second, it is not interesting to install a plugin that will slow down your page load. Don’t get me wrong, the lastpass issue generated a downtime that exceeded 1 second. It went up to total freezing. So, I thought that it was not acceptable to use such a plugin because I am a webmaster and when I test my websites, I don’t want to believe that they load slowly when it is in fact the lastpass extension of chrome that slows them down.

Subdirectories not supported:

I discovered that LastPass didn’t support multiple websites in directories. In fact, LastPass suggests the password from the parent website when someone tries to login to a subdomain.


I have uninstalled the extensions.

Since the risk related to hacking is too big, I have decided I would not take another service like this one.